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October 21, 2021

St Thomas University | Offer Letter, Course, Intakes, Refund Policy, IELTS

St. Thomas University one of the oldest universities which were established in the year 1910 the university is known for its rich history and a traditional outlook and with successful years of academic excellence, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is a small is public Catholic liberal arts university of that provides students big opportunities to succeed in life! The DLI number of the University is : O19391556376.

St. Thomas University is a primarily undergraduate university dedicated to excellence in liberal arts education, the university offers a variety of programs so it has more than 30 programs offered in the humanities and social sciences. For more than 100 years, St. Thomas University’s small, supportive community has been bonded by a shared commitment to the liberal arts and social justice.

St. Thomas University’s Bachelor of Arts students has a huge option to gain education through exceptional offerings in traditional disciplines such as Psychology, English, Political Science, and Fine Arts, and more unique programs that offer increasing value to today’s world – Communications and Public Policy, Criminology, Gerontology, Human Rights and Journalism. Students have an opportunity to gain knowledge through experiential learning techniques – service learning, fieldwork, internships, and practicums, travel study, lab work that allows them to use their education in practical settings and experience the value of a liberal arts education to society.


The university ensures to maintain the quality of education which is being provided at the class, so they offer a small batch of studies. Classes are discussion and debate-based so that they can speak as much as they can this also helps those to open up with their peers and professors are able to get to know their students and offer individualized attention.

The university’s emphasis on teaching, academic challenge, and developing new thinking skills are rated among the highest in Canada as they work on students on every aspect concerned with their development. The University Student Services Department supports students every step of the way they are available for their students 24/7 to provide the best possible support they needed. Offering resources for academic support, career planning, stress management, and more, students have a team of people to help them through their time at university.

Here not only the university faculty attends the annual meetings but also the Students attend national conferences, study abroad, publish their research and work on professional research with professors. They take on leadership roles in student government and residence life, work part-time jobs on campus, and intern and volunteer throughout the city.


The STU Residence Life team is comprised of diverse, caring, and intentional individuals. Each team member is dedicated to ensuring all students in residence have the opportunity to grow, learn, and have fun in safe and inclusive communities that respect and care for each other. They are committed to providing compassionate and timely service to all students while focusing on the holistic development of their wellbeing.

The university support team is made up of student staff members supported by a professional team, they work hard throughout the academic year to offer students educational programming, structured opportunities to build connections with housemates, and general guidance to navigating outside resources and supports at STU.


The university is located in the beautiful location of Fredericton, its main and only campus is located at the below-mentioned location.

  • St. Thomas University – Fredericton : 51 Dineen Dr, Fredericton, NB E3B 5G3, Canada


Applicants who are denied a study permit will forfeit the application fee. A copy of the visa rejection letter from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is required to process the deposit and tuition refunds. Refund requests are required within 30 days of receipt of the Visa Rejection Letter. A $100 administration fee will be applied to all refund requests.



To get admission in Bachelors program the minimum level of education required is Grade 12 with min GPA of 70.0% or above.

English Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Listening: 6.0, Min Reading: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0)
  • Duolingo English Test Score: 105 Score
  • PTE overall: 61 Score
  • TOEFL iBT: 89 Score


To get admission in masters program the minimum level of education required is 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree with min GPA of 70.0% or more.

English Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS overall: 6.5 (Min Listening: 6.0, Min Reading: 6.0, Min Speaking: 6.0, Min Writing: 6.0)
  • Duolingo English Test Score: 105 Score
  • PTE overall: 61 Score
  • TOEFL iBT: 89 Score


The St Thomas University Operates for 5 working days per week & is closed on weekends and holidays. There is total 28 hours of study is must for every program.


  1. Bachelor of Arts – Political Science – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  2. Bachelor of Arts – Romance Languages – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  3. Bachelor of Arts – Spanish and Latin American Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  4. Bachelor of Social Work – TUITION FEE – $21,097.00 CAD
  5. Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  6. Bachelor of Arts – Criminology and Criminal Justice – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  7. Bachelor of Arts – English Language and Literature – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  8. Bachelor of Arts – French – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  9. Bachelor of Arts – History – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  10. Bachelor of Arts – International Relations – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  11. Bachelor of Arts – Native Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  12. Bachelor of Arts – Psychology – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  13. Bachelor of Arts – Science and Technology Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  14. Bachelor of Arts – Women Studies and Gender Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  15. Bachelor of Arts – Law, Politics and Society – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  16. Bachelor of Arts – Catholic Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  17. Bachelor of Arts – Journalism – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  18. Bachelor of Arts – Environment and Society – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  19. Bachelor of Arts – Gerontology – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  20. Bachelor of Arts – Human Rights – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  21. Bachelor of Arts – Irish Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  22. Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  23. Bachelor of Arts – Religious Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  24. Bachelor of Arts – Sociology – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  25. Bachelor of Education – TUITION FEE – $20,767.00 CAD
  26. Bachelor of Arts – Communications and Public Policy – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  27. Bachelor of Arts – Economics – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  28. Bachelor of Arts – Fine Arts – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  29. Bachelor of Arts – Great Books – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  30. Bachelor of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD
  31. Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics – TUITION FEE – $16,389.00 CAD


To study at University one must search for the available intakes for the program you have selected, so they mainly provide you two intakes January 2022 & Sept 2022. For International applicants, Sept intake is most recommendable as this intake provides most of the variety of Programs.


Once you chose your program and after submitting the application fee, the university releases its offer letter within 30 working days for which the application will be $55 CAD (non-refundable).


St Thomas University is ranked #80 in Regional Universities South. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. So it’s ranked in #80 Regional and 94 in Universities South Top Performers on Social Mobility.

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